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Paul Speiser
Specialist Gynecologist and University Professor

On this website I describe a new, non-surgical treatment of precancerous changes of the cervix (CIN 1 to 3): a local therapy with trichloroacetic acid 85%. The therapy is similar to a peeling treatment of the cervical surface in which the CIN is simply shed.

Another non-surgical approach is to use an immunomodulator to help the body fight the infection on its own. Because the immune system is given a helping hand, this is called immune modulation.

I also answer a range of questions in connection with Pap smear findings such as Pap 3d or Pap 4 and give an overview of CIN and VIN therapy.

My areas of expertise

Evaluation and treatment of Dysplasias of the genital tract
  • Clarification with colposcopy, possibly tissue bisopsy, Pap smear, HPV genotyping
  • Conservative, i.e. non-surgical treatment – “No knives!”
  • Surgical treatment including LLETZ (conization) if conservative therapy fails
  • Confirmation of the diagnosis following a detailed discussion, the gynecological examination, and imaging procedures
  • Planning any necessary operation at the Department for General Gynecology and Gynecological Oncology – at the Vienna General Hospital (AKH) or various private hospitals in Vienna
  • Follow-up treatment, including chemotherapy, if indicated