Reports from patients

A year ago I was diagnosed with HPV and CIN 2-3. I already had an appointment for an operation. I then discovered Dr Speiser’s website on the Internet. I immediately made an appointment and canceled my surgery appointment. The treatment went very quickly, the pain was the same as the menstrual cramps. After a few weeks, the findings showed that the treatment worked. I was healthy again! After a year I’ve been to the follow-up check-up and I’m healthy! Many thanks to Doctor Speiser! I am very happy and thankful!!!

Barbara, 28 years old, Steyr, Austria

With these lines I would like to encourage all affected women. HPV or dysplasia does not mean surgery. After some naturopathic attempts, my gynecologist urged me to have the operation with the HPV16 / CIN III diagnosis. Due to personal history, I had an extreme aversion to surgical intervention in the genital area. In my search for alternatives, I found Professor Speiser with his other proven methods.
Although trichloroacetic acid has been used successfully in the AIN area for many years, the method for cervix and co. is not represented in any other country than Austria. It was clear to me that I would go to an expert. So in July 2018 I flew from Switzerland to Vienna.

The application of trichloroacetic acid was only briefly painful but bearable without anesthesia. Probably because of the excitement, I had weak knees for a few hours afterwards and recovered in the hotel at the airport. The first check after that took place at the beginning of September and everything was fine again. So I’m probably one of the 82% who have already been successfully treated after a first intervention!

A follow-up check 6 months later with my gynecologist in Switzerland, who was very skeptical, was also positive. Likewise, the aggressive HPV16 with the immune booster trichloroacetic acid seems to have disappeared from the scene!
Dear women – dare to give preference to the well-functioning alternative to surgery. The procedure is much better tolerated by the body (and costs much less than surgery). That is my personal belief! I hope that this method will soon become the standard in Switzerland, Germany and Co…

Anna, 32 years old, Bergen, Norway

Dear Doctor,

Since I was persuaded to contact you because of the numerous positive patient reports on your website, I would like to express my thanks in this way:
I came to you in 2016 with the diagnosis PapIIID and HPV16. I was advised to have a suppository treatment and possible conization. Since I wanted to have children and knew that the risk of a premature birth could increase and I was afraid of a premature operation, I looked for alternatives on the Internet. Originally I just wanted a consultation, but due to the trust I had in you from the start, this ended in a treatment with trichloroacetic acid. A slight burning sensation a few hours later was the only side effect.

When you called me after the first smear after the treatment to tell me that there were no more viruses and that the PAP smear was fine, a stone fell from my heart. I did the next PAP test again with my gynecologist and also got a good result. In 2017 I gave birth to a daughter without any complications and am very happy to have found my way to you. By the way, the swab after the birth was o.k.

I wish that many more women could be spared an operation if your therapy spreads. Thanks a lot!

Susann, 33 years old, Vienna, Austria